Brad Madiuk

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Well-rounded and Seasoned

A 15 year veteran of the tech sector with experience in development, management, marketing, and sales.

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Business Development

I've worked with top companies developing business and personal relationships in order to build strong connections.

Project Management

Because I understand how to program, I can work closely with both management and technical developers to create realistic projects, timelines, and expectations.


I've been coding since 1998 and have picked up many skills and languages along the way. Look at my tech skills.

Marketing and Sales

I have worked for years in sales and marketing both online and offline. From managing sales teams, to cold calling, I have done it all. I am up for any kind of challenge.


When I believe in a company or project there's no end to the positive energy I can create. I am looking for that kind of connection.

Other stuff

I am a dual USA and Canadian citizen. I love travleing for work and pleasure, and always forget my contact solution. Want to know more? Check out my skills.

Close your eyes take a deep breath with me and imagine for a moment: a no maintenance employee who does what he is hired and asked to do. Learn More